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Ice rink saves +50% energy after renovation

In 2018, Eksjö municipality decided to replace its almost 20-year-old cooling system and the even older rink floor in the local ice rink Storegårdshallen. EKA supported the decision-making process for the scope of the renovation by first making an inventory and then producing action proposals.

After receiving the results from LCC analyzes of the various proposed system solutions, the municipality made the decision to have a direct CO2 cooling system with heat recovery function installed. The new heat recovery system is designed to cover the needs for space heating, dehumidification, resurfacing water, melting pits etc. In addition to the cooling system and rink floor, dehumidifiers and lighting were also replaced and the ventilation system was upgraded.

The renovated ice rink had its first two operating seasons and EKA has now followed up the results, which are very encouraging. During the three-year period before the renovation, the energy use, on average per season, was about 900 MWh - for electricity and district heating together. When the corresponding figures for the renovated plant were analyzed, it was clear that the total energy consumption had fallen to below 400 MWh, which corresponds to just over 55% reduction. Electricity and district heating costs decreased by 29% and 87%, respectively. During the pandemic season 2020-21, energy usage has fallen even lower, however, it is partly an effect of lower activity. Further tuning of the heating system should reduce the district heating to "close to zero". This makes Storegårdshallen one of Sweden's most energy-efficient ice rinks.

Ice rink owners sometimes find it difficult to believe that such large savings are possible, but with modern technology and a holistic perspective, where all energy systems can work together, these results are highly realistic.

“Naturally energy efficient by EKA!”


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