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Tukums ice rink: Advancing towards an energy-efficient future

Tukums ice rink (Latvia) stands as the municipality's most energy-intensive facility. In a proactive move towards resource optimization, the Tukums municipality initiated an energy investigation in 2022, that was carried out by EKA Baltic. Today, the project steps into the next phase, bringing it one step closer to a lasting solution.

Deviations in data of the last 3 years represent Covid restrictions and general saving measures. However in the future the most significant effect is planned by optimizing the cooling and heating systems.

A long-term vision

Located in the heart of the city, Tukums Ice Rink has always been a gathering place. Acknowledging concerns about resource consumption and environmental impact, the rink's management decided to take action. Their vision was simple but profound: to cut the energy usage which is a significant portion of the total expenses.

Advantages of professional support

Engaging the services of EKA Baltic, a leading engineering consultant specializing in ice rink technologies, Tukums ice rink opted for a holistic approach. This strategic decision not only ensures substantial energy savings but also focuses on investments that pay off faster and have a long-lasting positive impact.

Energy inventory as a base for decision

The energy audit conducted at the ice rink in the summer of 2022 revealed several areas that needed improvement. The cooling system, a major contributor to the energy bill, underwent a thorough inspection. Additionally, other technologies were analyzed, such as dehumidification, which was found to be underperforming, leading to excessive condensation on all surfaces and an additional cooling load on the ice.

These were some of the findings that were taken into account, based on which EKA Baltic provided energy and cost estimates for various alternatives. EKA's extensive experience with ice rinks enabled them to propose tailored solutions that have been proven effective in practice. The results of the energy inventory now serve as the foundation for making informed decisions regarding future investments.

Next steps

This autumn Tukums decided to take the next step to prepare a renovation project documentation. In this phase, EKA Baltic helps to specify the renovation work requirements so that presented offers from each tenderer will be of comparable quality and content, and the required solution will be the one that best fulfills the client’s needs. This will ensure that Tukuma ice rink gets the best value-for-money.

Tukums municipality approach represents a bold and pioneering step, setting an example for others to follow, and demonstrating the value of collaboration with knowledgeable and unbiased experts.

Community benefits

After such investment payback, which is typically between 6-8 years, the energy bill can be cut by about half which enables the facility to invest in other infrastructure improvements. Affordable sports activities and an enjoyable environment for athletes and spectators are very important for any sports facility!

"EKA - Naturally sustainable engineering solutions"


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