Natural refrigerants save both money and the environment

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A refrigeration technology that currently is advancing forward in the commercial and industrial sectors is the one based on carbon dioxide, CO2. CO2 is a natural and non-toxic refrigerant that is energy efficient and has very good properties in terms of heat recovery. Furthermore, the technology is space saving and causes low noise levels, which add to a comfortable work environment. Accessibility to service companies is very good and service costs are also low.
The CO2-based technology can be applied in different ways. A direct system pumps CO2 directly into the heat exchanger with a cooled environment, while an indirect system utilizes CO2 to cool down a secondary refrigerant that circulates in the heat exchanger with a cooled environment. The first alternative often becomes interesting when the distribution system is to be newly built or renovated, while the latter alternative is more typical in cases where the distribution system can be reused as it is.

Our references show that today the annual energy can be halved. The CO2-based technology should therefore continue to be the obvious choice for municipalities and private owners looking to build new or renovate.

Energy use per day of activity in Gimo ice arena, before and after the installation of a CO2-system in 2014.