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Lödöseborg is being upgraded: Brand new boards and rink pipes are under construction!

AB Edethus is an emerging real estate operator and an active community developer near Lilla Edet (Sweden). The company is involved in the management and ownership of various types of properties, including spaces for municipal activities, industrial areas, land for development, and residential properties.

During 2022 and until March 2023, EKA collaborated with Edethus on a project of significant importance. The project involved a complete renovation of the Lödöseborg facility, including an ice rink with associated heated spaces. In the existing ice rink, a full replacement of the ice rink pipes was carried out with an entirely new construction. The new system for cooling, heating, and its control would be integrated with the existing cooling and heating production, as well as the control and monitoring system in the facility.

In September our colleague Simon visited the construction site to follow up on the work regarding the construction of the rink floor, performed by Mark & Bygg i Kungsör AB. It is always exciting to witness the meticulous process when kilometers of coolant pipes are being installed. It also provided an excellent opportunity to inspect the technical systems and plan for additional HVAC adaptations.

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