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Embrace the released heat and recover it

Operating costs can be kept down by utilizing refrigeration system as an energy source. Our technical designs turn the refrigeration system into an energy hub where excess heat both can be recovered and stored. Today it is possible to create smart solutions where energy based resources generated by systems are utilized instead of being put to waste. Our designs turn the refrigeration system into an energy hub that cools down the process or environment and recovers the released heat so that it can be used to satisfy the heating demands of the facility and even exported to other nearby facilities. As an additional feature sometimes a geothermal storage can be added to store excess energy in the ground for later use when necessary. Applying a modern combination of refrigeration and heating technologies this way means that lower amounts of purchased energy will be needed, with lower operating costs as the end result.

CO2 heat recovery concept.png

A concept illustration of an ice rink system.

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